5d Winter ’15 Bugs on flowers EOSM Winter things EOSM Black and White Winter More summer, because winter blows.

5d Winter ’15

I have to admit, its colder than crap out now and I hate going outside when its -12 out. But running about in my truck with the heat cranked makes it some what fun to get out and try using its lights for effects and coloring in images at night. Also road hunting with the 5D is […]

Bugs on flowers

I can’t recall what exact gear I was using when I shot these, but whatever lens was being used it was on my T2i. Bugs are fun.

EOSM Winter things

More winter shots from the EOSM and its tiny little 22mm lens. This time in color.

EOSM Black and White Winter

I picked up the slow and generally hated EOSM this winter with a 22mm kit lens to help spare my T2i from timelapse duty. And while yes, the camera is slower then molasses in auto mode, I really, really, really like it. Its a really neat well built little camera. Here are a few B&W […]

More summer, because winter blows.

Its sub zero temperatures, everything is frozen, it still gets dark way to early. Here are a few images reminding us of what’s waiting just around the corner… eventually.

2014 Blood Moon

This is from the fall Blood Moon of 2014, taken with a Celestron C80ED scope and again my trusty T2i.

More Fun with the Bausch and Lomb Cinemascope

Some shots taken through the end of 2014 with the ginormous and fun Bausch and Lomb Cinemascope adapter attached to a Yashica 50mm 1.4 and my trusty T2i.

2013-2014 Fields

You would think that there isn’t much to bother with around a field. What could be interesting about corn, wheat, and beans? Well, quite a lot. Beans are pretty cool.

B&W Architecture

I’m not the best at shooting buildings, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

Winter Sunsets 2013-2014

While everything on the ground may be white, the sky can sometimes explode with color.